Why Does Outdoor Concrete Sink?

The Truth Behind Why Concrete Settles & Sinks

Concrete is a heavy building material. When the soil underneath a concrete slab, patio, or driveway is no longer able concrete-raising-houston-3to support the weight of the slab, it begins to sink.

If sections of the concrete slab have better support than others, the unsupported area may begin to sink or it can result in cracking along the unsupported areas.

Unlevel concrete is a safety hazard which can result in serious injury if one stumbles or falls where a sinking slab or crack has occurred.

Primary Causes of Sinking Outdoor Concrete

  1. Soil Settling, Shrinkage or Compacting

Different soil type characteristics will vary depending on the amount of moisture, and the components within the soil. When the soil underneath your concrete slab’s load-bearing capacity reaches its threshold, the soil will compact or settle.

concrete-raising-houston-4As the soil compacts under your concrete slab, the space created allows the slab to sink, resulting in unlevel areas on the slab surface, usually cracking in one or more spots.

  1. Washout of Soil

The soil underneath your concrete slab can be greatly affected by eroding of the soil due to rainwater and improper drainage. The water run off after a storm can create voids underneath your concrete slab. Your concrete slab can begin to “cave in” due to the lack of soil support.

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