Repairing Tilting Wall Syndrome

Warning Signs of Retaining Wall Failure

The three primary signs of retaining wall failure are:

  1. Tilting: If your retaining wall is starting to lean, you should too. Lean right over, pick up your phone, and call for help. There are several factors that could be causing your retaining wall to collapse. But the only thing that matters is acting fast before the wall fails completely.
  2. Separating: If you notice your retaining wall separating from adjacent walls, separate yourself from your couch and go call for help. Separating is typically a sign of poor construction.
  3. Crumbling: If you see your retaining wall crumbling, don’t crumble yourself. Just pick up the phone and call Barziza Concrete Raising.


Retaining Wall Maintenance and Repair

retaining-wall-repair-reconstruction-houston-2Don’t let deteriorating or damaged masonry impact the look and function of your property. Barziza Concrete Raising is here to help! Our professional crews regularly repair retaining walls that are broken or weakened by hydrostatic pressure, normal wear, and erosion.

Retaining Wall Re-Construction

As the old saying goes, all things must come to an end. This is true for many things in life, including your retaining walls.

The three primary signs of retaining wall deterioration are:

  1. Your retaining wall is starting to lean.
  2. Your retaining wall is separating from adjacent walls.
  3. Your retaining wall is crumbling.

Even with regular maintenance, the retaining walls around your community or commercial facility will eventually deteriorate to the point where it is more cost effective to replace rather than repair it. Barziza Concrete Raising will de-construct, remove and re-build your retaining wall with the appropriate degree post angle to ensure your new wall can stand up to hydrostatic pressure.

Barziza Concrete Raising has the solution to the many challenges Houston homeowners face when it comes to maintaining the concrete around their home. When properly maintained, with the skilled knowledge of Barziza your home will be safe and beautiful for any years to come.

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